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Various infographics and data visualisations for print and online (commissioned and self-initiated)  

worldcup infographic poster

infographic detail

infographic detail

Timeline infographic, created for the 2014 Word Cup, showing previous winners and various tournament stats.

UK house prices infographic

UK house price increase

Graphic showing average UK house price increases for the year ending Feb, 2014, and the regional disparity between the rises.  Based on data provided by the Office for National Statistics, 2014. 

infographic design

london housing graphic

london housing graphic

Can you afford to live in London?

According to the Mayor of London, affordable housing is defined as that which takes up no more than 35% of income. This graphic shows which areas of London are affordable at 4 different wage levels – and which areas are completely out of reach.

Results are based on borough-wide averages. Affordability will vary within
boroughs. All information is provded by

property infographic