The UK’s Housing Squeeze

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The UK builds, on average, the smallest new homes in western Europe. Research conducted by Cambridge University found that the UK finished bottom of a list of 15 major EU countries. The graphics below show a comparative representation of the average
new-build house size and how the UK compares to the European average, and to other countries around the world.

Figures are based on available data for the middle of the current decade (up to and including the end of 2014).

European Housing Graphic

The UK’s homes are getting smaller

UK average house size peaked in the 1970s, reaching 83.3m2 before a steady and constant reduction in each of the following decades. The graphics below show how the average house size has shrunk by almost 20% in the last 4 decades.

Also shown are the changing average kitchen, master bedroom and living room sizes of new-build homes in the UK since the 1930s. The total floor plan figure is based on the combined area of these three main rooms. Hallways, corridors and additional bedrooms are not included.

Housing Infographic Design

Housing Infographic Design

housing floorplan infographic

Architecture infographic

UK house size 1970s

House size graphic 1980s

UK house size 1990s

Housing infographic design

Current UK House size

House size reduction graph

floor plan graphic

size reduction graphic

Disappearing bedrooms

As well as a continuing reduction in overall room size, UK homes are currently being built with fewer bedrooms than ever before – the average per home has fallen to below three for the first time.

average bedrooms graph

bedroom size infographic

Average living room size

Average kitchen size

European house size comparison data taken from Cambridge University research via the Guardian: LINK
Changing UK house size data taken from LABC Warranty: LINK
Global house size comparison data taken from New Geography: LINK