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It’s an increasingly on-line world. Business card design may not seem like the most important part of your communication strategy. But having a well designed business card continues to be an ideal way to make a great first impression. And if you’ve already done that online, your card will reinforce that connection. Having a great card shows the recipient how confident you are in your product or brand.

Whether your card needs to make a bold statement, contain a clever concept or offer a reassuring sense of quality, you need to be proud to hand it to someone and confident that they’ll want to keep it. Despite the limited space, there are many ways to create an effective, memorable card.

This is a small sample of business card designs. They were created as part of wider brand identities and were printed on a variety of recycled, sustainable papers. They also utilise various inks, foils and finishing techniques. You can see some of the full projects here

If you need a business card design or are looking for some advice on creating a brand identity for your business, feel free to get in touch.